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Members of PDX Dance Collective


Rachael Singer

Rachael Singer grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and started dancing at the age of three, studying ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and modern. She competed in many tri-state area competitions, winning the Debbie Redfoot Award for the most promising dancer in 1999. Rachael continued to study dance in Washington, DC at American University and performed and choreographed with groups such as Tappening and the Eldbrooke Artist Series. Upon moving to Portland, OR in 2005, she shifted her focus to teaching dance and running performing arts education programs. As a founding member, she is thrilled to have rekindled her performance and creative spirit through PDX Dance Collective.

Elise Ericksen

Elise Ericksen studied classical ballet until she reached college where she added in an education in modern dance technique. She then graduated from St. Olaf College with a B.A. in Dance and Management Studies. Since then she has been teaching, directing, performing and choreographing with various organizations around Oregon and Washington. Out of all Elise’s endeavours choreography definitely takes first place. Elise has choreographed 9 full length story ballets, several musicals as well as numerous contemporary works with PDX Dance Collective. Elise is very excited to have this opportunity with PDX Dance Collective to choreograph and perform.

Katelyn Kollinzas

Kollinzas has been dancing since the age of 6. She began her dance studies in Ballet and has continued to focus primarily on Contemporary, Lyrical, and Jazz. Katelyn teaches Lyrical Jazz at two local dance studios, which she absolutely loves. In 2008, she was one of the first students to graduate from Portland State University with her Minor in Dance. Last year she was a member of Melissa St. Clair’s local modern dance company Annapurna Dance. As a dance artist, Katelyn seeks to inspire and connect with her audience on an emotional level and believes that movement can express so much more than words. She is excited to be working in such a diverse and collaborative way with all of the wonderful members of PDX Dance Collective.

Ismael Sonanes

Ismael started his dancing at Jefferson High School, under the direction of Les Boday. After graduating from the Jefferson dance program, Ismael continued his training with Melissa St. Clair and became a coach for the Portland Community College (Cascade) dance team. He has also worked with the True Vibe Dance Crew and Polaris Dance Theatre in the umbrella commercial shoot and with Art Live local T.V. He is an original member of PDX Dance Collective.


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