Let the fun begins… Countdown to Inspired Transcendence

blue-sky-concert-2011Here we go again!

Less than 2 weeks before our show, we’re getting busy with all kinds of show preparations — rehearsals, costumes, PR, more rehearsals, and DCO’s Blue Sky Concert Series!  Yes, we’ll be performing in the Friday show (that is this Friday, April 8!) one of the new pieces from Inspired Transcendence.  It is kind of crazy to do shows two weekends in a row, but DCO show will act as a great “dress rehearsal” to get all our pre-show jittery out, and get us ready for the real deal a week later.

On the PR front, we got an awesome feature in Just Out, in which includes an interview with our super awesome new member Timothy Johnson.  How cool is that?

And we have a nice looking listing in ChooseCulture (formerly HulaHub)…

More behind-the-scene fun will follow.  Meanwhile, if you haven’t gotten your tickets to our show yet, do it now!  For $13, you’ll get live music (courtesy of Ilima Considine and The Sexbots), snacks and wine, and of course live dance… Where else can you find such complete entertainment package?

So reserve your seat and  join us on April 15 and 16, 8pm to 10pm, at Conduit Dance Studio in downtown PDX!


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