PDX Dance Collective presents… Inspired Transcendence (press release)

PDX-dance-collectiveFor Immediate Release
Rachael Singer

March 15, 2011

Local dance collective debuts original choreography at April show
Expression of events that inspire us to transcend to new phases of life

PORTLAND, ORE — March 15, 2011 — The local dance group, PDX Dance Collective, debuts its second full-length performance, Inspired Transcendence, this April. In contrast to the collective’s inaugural show last fall, which explored relationships, Inspired Transcendence delves into the abrupt and disruptive changes in our personal lives, taking the audience on a journey as we rise above. Original contemporary dance pieces incorporate intense movement with unique props and lighting, providing a full visual experience for the audience.  

Members Elise Ericksen (founding member), Katelyn Kollinzas, Amy Phillips (Polaris Dance Theatre), Nicolette Reibold and Ismael Soñanes present their self-choreographed pieces, evoking moments of elation, angst, tranquility and defiance. Other dancers include founding member Rachael Singer and new members Jessi Haggerty and Timothy Johnson (Broadway Rose Theatre).    

Musical interludes will be performed by Ilima Considine and the Sexbots, a local electro/indie band whose backup dancers have included members of the collective.

Show details:

Inspired Transcendence, presented by PDX Dance Collective
With musical guest Ilima Considine and the Sexbots
April 15 and 16, 2011
8 – 10 p.m.
Conduit Dance, Inc.
918 SW Yamhill Avenue, Suite 401
Portland, OR
Suggested donation: $13
For tickets, call 503-512-0104 or visit http://www.pdxdancecollective.org.

PDX Dance Collective’s mission is to provide innovative, theatrical dance experiences toaudiences in and around the Portland metro area. Members of the collective contribute their skills as dancers, as well as individual styles as performers and choreographers. It is this true spirit of collaboration which makes PDX Dance Collective exciting and unique. For more information, call 503-512-0104 or visit http://www.pdxdancecollective.org.


Photo by: Atom Ion Photography


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