Sharpies + Sticky Notes = Show Name!

Coming up with a memorable name for anything is hard… Coming up with a memorable show name that summarizes our upcoming April show is extra hard… Thank goodness we have Sharpies and sticky notes — LOTS of stick notes!

Combining the brain power of all the Collective members, we had a show name brainstorming session:

PDXDC-brainstorm-session PDXDC-show-name-brainstorm

Rachael, one of the Collective founders who is also our resident marketing guru, led us through a brainstorming exercise…rachael-brainstorm-leader
And look at all the names/words we came up with!


After many rounds of voting and elimination…


We have a show name:

Inspired Transcendence!

Show details coming soon… Stay tuned!

Amy P.
(Collective Member/IT Beotch)


2 thoughts on “Sharpies + Sticky Notes = Show Name!

  1. Just came across your site in search of all local Portland dance groups and it seems like you have a solid group! I would really like to see your next performance and what you can put together as a group! Please let me know if you have anything coming up, I am looking forward to it [smiley face]

    • Thanks for your interest! We are holding Auditions for our 2011-2012 season on August 14th. We will be performing with Choral Arts Ensemble in October and as soon as we accept new members into our company we will be organizing our next full length performance. Subscribe to our blog or like us on Facebook in order to stay informed regarding our upcoming performances.

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