Thank you for making linked. a success!

What a wonderful show we had! We were completely sold out for our Saturday show, and an almost-sold out show for Friday. To be honest it was quite unexpected for all of us. The Collective is overwhelmed by the love and support that we received.

There are many people we have to thank: HUGE thank you again for all of you who came out to see us even in the crappy, rainy weather. Thank you so so much to all the volunteers for helping to set up, serve drinks and then clean up. Thank you to our friends & family for all your love and support, and for your patience during the last 2 months when we were all collectively (pun intended!) stressed out, grumpy and tired ALL THE TIME. We couldn’t have done it without you, our most adoring fans!

Also we have to thank Alberto, Ishee’s friend who stepped in at the last minute to do our sound after another friend had to back out unexpectedly. Thank you Elise’s and Rachael’s mom for extra sound help as well. Thank you so so much to Ilima Considine, the leader singer of The Sexbots, for writing an awesome piece of original music Nico’s solo and performing it during the show. She also provided live music entertainment during all our quick changes — giving us time to get in and out of sweaty costumes and a littler breather.

Thank you Ben Clark, whom we snatched with a last-minute ad in Craig’s List, for being our photographer.  Ben actually came all the way from Eugene, OR to do photo work for our show.  Thank you so much, Ben!  You can look at the photos Ben took for us on Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook.  And see Ben’s other photo works on his site or Flickr page.

Thank you Nia at Conduit Dance for letting us use this super gorgeous lounge as dressing room.  We totally felt spoiled!

Last, but definitely not least is thank you Agnieszka Laska for being our lighting designer and technician. Yes, the lighting made a HUGE difference. All of our dances became much more interesting with the lighting. And we really couldn’t have had such an awesome show without Agnieszka.

We hope you enjoyed our show.  We’ll be taking the rest of the year off  to recover from the show madness, and to start planning for 2011.  Up next is the audition for 2011.  If you’re interested, check out the info here.

Thank you so much again for being a supporter of arts, of your local dance community, but most importantly, of PDX Dance Collective!

Yours truly,

The Collective (Amy, Elise, Ismael, Katelyn, Keyon, Nicolette & Rachael)


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