Welcome to the world of PDX Dance Collective!

Thank you for visiting our official website.

If you don’t know who we are, we’re basically a group of dancers looking for a creative outlet.  We want to make dance, but we don’t want to be in a cut-throat or snooty environment.  We are about collaborations, supporting each other creatively, enjoying each others’ company, having a shared passion for dance and having fun.  It’s true we all have 2nd lives outside of dance (hey, there’s food to buy and rent to pay), but it doesn’t mean that we’re any less professional than your dance companies with the big names…  We might not have the big budget for a lot of things like fancy costumes or extravagant set designs, but instead we entertain you with our art, injecting our personalities into our choreography, sharing with your our emotions, our hearts and our souls.

So we hope that we will see you in one (better yet, all) of our upcoming shows and get you know you.  Support your local artists and art community — You know it’s good for you!

Yours truly,

The Collective (Amy, Elise, Ismael, Katelyn, Keyon, Nicolette & Rachael)


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